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About Balanced Explorations


Caryn Connolly is the Chief Executive Officer of Balanced Explorations LLC, an independent affiliate of Gifted Travel Network — a Virtuoso® Member.  

Caryn has always had a love for the environment and was introduced to sustainability after completing engineering school and independent study of LEED principles.  

When she started her luxury travel business, it was a small step to find out that sustainability principles are an important consideration when making travel decisions because when we travel we have an impact on the areas we visit.  Why not minimize harm and have as positive an impact as possible?  

Sustainability and luxury aren't mutually exclusive--you can and should have both.  There are no limits out there.  You can even have the experience of visiting space with a company that uses carbon offsets to reduce its carbon footprint.  

Keeping cultures alive for future generations and exploring your cultural heritage through travel are other areas of travel that are close to her heart. 

Caryn is excited to share her expertise and partnerships with luxury travel brands to create a truly unique experience you will never forget! 

Balanced Explorations LLC An independent affiliate of Gifted Travel Network — a Virtuoso® Member. Fla. Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST39093 California Seller of Travel # 2113317-40 Washington Seller of Travel (UBI) # 603 308 394