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Travel is your best investment in your future self

#exploring #investment #mindset #travel Apr 23, 2024

Are you the type of person who hops on a plane and flies off to new destinations?  If not, do you want to be? 

Is your identity that of a traveler or a homebody?  Are you happy with that identity? Are you open to change? 

Travel is the best investment you can make in yourself.  It exposes you to new ideas, new people, new places, new experiences.  There is nothing that will uplevel you as quickly as traveling and seeing the world as it really is.  

Travel really is an investment.  I am not just talking about money.  It is worth investing your time and energy to grow beyond what you've always known to become who you've always known you could be.  

You don't need to start with extensive, complicated trips (although those can be fun).  You can start with a day trip.  You can explore nearby towns or states.  You can move beyond the borders of the town where you have grown up.  You can move beyond what you know. 

As you start doing this, slowly moving further afield from what you know and love, you will find that there are new things to learn and know and love.  Things you never knew existed.  Places that weren't on your radar.  

You won't even realize the changes in you.  First, you may have enjoyed staying in your small local circles, but as time went on, your world and life became bigger.  It became normal for you to try new restaurants, explore nearby towns, attend events, meet new people, make new friends. Then, one day, you wanted to get your passport and booked a flight to somewhere across a big ocean.  

It was exciting.  Not frightening.  It's all in your mindset.  

Suddenly, you realize that the investment you have made in your travels was actually an investment in you, and you have become your future self.  

If you are itching to have the most amazing travel experiences, reach out to me directly.  I have access to every type of travel you can imagine.  Where do you have to travel now to become your future self?  Email [email protected] to discuss how we can work together.  


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