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Top 20 shorts of all time on Balanced Explorations' You Tube Channel

balanced explorations shorts you tube Feb 18, 2023

I started a new You Tube Channel for Balanced Explorations on February 27, 2022.  It's hard to believe how quickly time has passed.  I have shared short videos from my past travels and my thoughts and beliefs on travel.  As of February 18, 2023, these are the top 20 videos (by views) on my Balanced Explorations You Tube Channel. (@balancedexplorations). 

20.  Starting us out at #20, this is a video of some beautiful rocks and boulder alongside Lake Champlain.

19.  Water over rocks in a Japanese garden.

18.  The beginning of a waterfall--Bingham Falls--near Stowe, Vermont. 

17.  A rushing stream in a forest somewhere in Vermont. 

16.  End of summer sunset over a swimming pool.

15.  Expectations for bucket list trips.

14.  Flying above the clouds (another view). This is one of my favorite things.  Who else enjoys flying above         the clouds? 

13. Dining room at the Lake Morey Resort.

12.  Waterfront in Greece with Athena's Flame.

11.  Kurama, Japan

10.  A surprise waterfall.

9.   Sea lion on a dock in Marina del Rey.

8.   Alternate view of river above a waterfall.

7.   Rushing water at the dam at Quechee Gorge.

6.   Waterfall at the dam at Manchester, Vermont.

5.   Forest stream in Kurama, Japan leading up to the Buddhist temple.

4.   Flying above the clouds.  I think this is at sunrise.

3.   Prehistoric meeting place or place of rituals?

2.   Swimming hole at Bingham Falls.

1.   And the #1 most viewed video on my Balanced Explorations You Tube Channel as of February 18, 2023        is. . . . bullet train coming through a station at reduced speed.

These are all shorts.  Take a look.  Subscribe to my You Tube Channel.  Like the posts.  Comment about what you like the most, and share with friends.  

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