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The Unbearable Lightness of Travel

greece waterfront Aug 12, 2023
Photo of blonde woman in a black and yellow flowered dress and flipflops smiling and pointing towards a palm tree by the water in Greece

As I was looking through my travel photos for inspiration, I came across some fun photos that a fellow traveler took of me while on shore during a 10-day cruise of Greece.  


Seeing the photos of myself spinning with the sheer joy of traveling and not having any responsibilities made me feel light inside and reminded me of one of the main purposes of traveling:  We should enjoy it!


Travel should not be a chore.  It should not be a checklist of sites you feel required to see.  The purpose of travel should not be to impress your neighbors or people you don't know in real life on social media.  


Travel is for you and you alone.  Yes, you might travel with others.  Just make sure you leave time for you and what you enjoy.  


I personally enjoy being by the water.  I was not on a shore excursion.  Because the Windstar Star Legend was a small ship, I was able to walk right into the town and explore.  Exploring is one of the things I most love to do while traveling.  Discovering fun shops and exotic angles for photos of buildings that may or may not be on most peoples' "must see" list is another.  


I have purposefully ignored popular sites just because I am not interested in them.  


I encourage you to explore what lights you up and brings you joy when planning your next vacation.  If it doesn't make you want to spin around and smile, why do it?  


When you've had a chance to discover for yourself what will make you most happy, you can contact me to schedule a call or Zoom meeting to discuss whether it's a fit to work together.  Meanwhile, be sure to bring joy and lightness to every moment of your life.  

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