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The Domino Effect: Sustainability is Catching On!

#canada #gstc #malta #seychelles #sustainability #sustainable tourism Dec 15, 2023

I remember 30 years ago being excited by the prospect of conserving trees and being "sustainable."  Now, recycling is ubiquitous and expected.  Conservation groups routinely protect and/or plant trees to protect areas that have been determined to be important to the earth environmentally.  These have become the basis of carbon offset programs.  


We have come to realize that we are not alone.  We are part of one giant ecosystem.  


It is easier to see this when we travel the world.  


One of the major groups involved in helping to make travel more sustainable is the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. They work with groups and destinations to further the aims of making the world better for all living beings.  


First up, the Maltese Tourism Authority is reconfirming their commitment to having a unified goal of creating verified and standardized ways of implementing sustainable practices in the hotels of Malta.  


Next up is Destination Canada.  They became a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to show their commitment to regenerative travel, improving the economy for locals, and supporting the environment.  


Next is the Seychelles.  These islands are off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.  I have personally spoken with someone who represents a property out there, and it was explained how even power boat traffic is limited to avoid contaminating the water or harming sea creatures.  This area is ideal for a truly sustainable experience.  


For travel to Malta, Canada, and Seychelles, email [email protected] with questions.  I am excited to help you reach your sustainable travel goals.  

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