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Grow where you're planted? Not the best advice.

May 23, 2024

As I was viewing some lovely flowers on the side of my house and decided to make a video, it made me think about the wisdom of the saying "Grow where you're planted."  


I have reached the conclusion that maybe that is not the best advice.  


As an example, several years ago, I bought some tiny azalea bushes for $5 a piece and planted them in the backyard so that we could enjoy them.  We spend time by the pool and in the sunroom where we can see the yard.  From reading the little tag that came with them, I got the impression that maybe they would grow larger and fill in the spaces between.  


However, that is not what happened.  


They struggled.  One year, they were completely buried in weeds.  Another year, they looked like twigs and practically dead.  


Then, last year, I got some newly divided irises from a neighbor down the street.  She showed us her garden.  When we walked into the backyard, there was an enormous azalea bush.  She told me they like being in shade.  I had no clue!  


Here they had been planted in an area with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight beating down on them, and they were DYING slowly.  I had the idea to move them to a shadier area.  I asked my boyfriend, who selected two of the azaleas to move over to the side of the house.  


When I went to look at them recently, I saw that they had transformed and were truly happy. Even thriving.  


If plants can thrive by moving to a new location, why do we think that staying in one spot and never visiting other locations is healthy for us?  


It is my belief that travel helps us grow as human beings.  It exposes us to new people and places.  It shows us we are not alone.  It makes us more comfortable around people who are not like us. All of those things grow your confidence which will spill over into all areas of your life. 


Thank you for being a part of my community.  I look forward to assisting you and your families with your future travels.  My specialities are luxury sustainable travel and autism travel. If you want to discuss a future trip, you can email [email protected] or share my email with someone who is interested in my services. 

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