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Dubai is putting emphasis on becoming a Certified Autism Destination

#autism certified autism destination certified autism professional dubai international travel sensory guides Oct 28, 2023

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is realizing the importance of accessibility for all--and autism certification in particular.  


As a Certified Autism Travel Professional, I am watching the landscape and how it is changing to make the world more comfortable for people with autism and individuals with sensory issues.  They have created sensory guides so that visitors can make an accurate assessment of the sensory intensity they can expect from certain attractions and experiences.  


Dubai is making a concerted effort to become a Certified Autism Destination, and these are just the first steps in that process.  Employees at the various attractions and hotels are trained specifically in how to deal effectively with autistic people and their families and those with sensory issues.  The goal is to make the experience as seamless as possible. Theme parks, children's museums, and The Green Planet--an indoor tropical rainforest similar to greenhouse exhibits at botanical gardens in the United States but much larger--have achieved Certified Autism Center status.  


I invite you to share this post with someone affected by autism.  I am available for consultations for those interested in Autism Travel, Sustainable Travel, and Luxury Travel.  

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