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Autistic or Neurodivergent: Still want to travel but you're all out of spoons?

#autism #travel certified autism professional Feb 02, 2024

As I sat down tonight to write something that would hopefully be meaningful to those reading it, I was reminded of Spoon Theory. I felt like I had no "spoons" left to write this, yet I had set this task for myself that had to be done tonight.  


If you are autistic or neurodivergent--either diagnosed or self-identified--then you know exactly what I mean. 


You might really want to do something.  It might not even be that difficult a task.  But the very thought of it just seems like too much work. 


Is that you or someone you know? 


Now, imagine being in that state and deciding you want to go on vacation or travel somewhere to visit family.   


Do you choose to do it or give up in exhaustion? 


That's where someone like me comes in.  I'm a Certified Autism Travel Professional, but more important than that, I am the person who meets with you via Zoom or telephone, gets to know you and your particular needs, and takes the tasks of actually planning the travel off your hands.  Fees are based on the complexity of the requests.  

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